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China’s power consumption up 10% in November

China’s total power consumption increased 9.91% YoY to 383.6bnkWh in November, according to National Energy Administration data.

While the power demand by the country’s primary industry fell by 2.32% to 7.3bnkWh, this drop was more than offset by its secondary and tertiary industry sectors, which noted a 10.14% rise to 293.9bnkWh and 13.10% advance to 40.0bnkWh, respectively. The residential sector consumed 7.8% more electricity as households required 42.4bnkWh in the month.

Total power consumption for the Jan-Nov period has shown an increase of 11.85% to 4,283.5bnkWh. Industry as a whole used around 3,766.8bnkWh with secondary industry taken the largest share of 3,206.5bnkWh. Residential demand increased by around 10% to 516.7bnkWh.

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