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Giles Crosse 30 articles

Giles has over ten years specialist editing and feature writing experience in the fields of energy, environment, sustainability, recycling, climate change, b2b, community and social agendas. Latest article: Exxon predictions

Ian McInnes 46 articles

Ian is an experienced energy journalist and has for many years been writing for high profile and respected publications for audiences in Europe, North America and the Middle East. The energy topics that Ian has written about include power generation, oil and gas, unconventional resources including the oil sands, downstream operations and pipelines and the politics, regulations and events that effect them. Latest article: Simulation, utilisation and transformation – the road to innovation

IFandP Newsroom 2616 articles

The IFandP Newsroom is rumored to be many things but whatever its exact status, it is a reliable and enlightening window into the latest goings on across the world in terms of power and energy. Latest article: Inpex approves US$34bn Ichtys LNG project in Australia

IFandP Research 193 articles

IFandP's research division encompasses a wide range of industry experts, analysts and guns for hire. Having already mastered the art of turning good-old fashioned leg-work, the dross of the internet, coffee and chocolate biscuits into sparkling gems of insight and market analysis, who knows what this band of intrepid journalists is capable of. Latest article: Making the smart grid smarter

Jeremy Bowden 5 articles

Jeremy Bowden’s experience spans almost twenty years in the energy, specialist energy media and utility sectors in a variety of positions in both Europe and Asia. He has worked for companies including IHS-CERA, Dow Jones, and Energy Argus, and has a Master’s degree in International Business and Finance from Reading University Latest article: Oil pricing – a tale of speculators and OPEC

Muriel Bal 16 articles

Muriel Bal is a consultant editor of Industrial Fuels and Power. She has contributed to Industrial Fuels and Power since 2008. In addition, Muriel has been co-editor of the Global Cement Report as well as consultant editor of the International Cement Review and other key Tradeship Publications titles. Previous assignments also include the Financial Times Global Water Report and various water industry journals. She holds degrees in Applied Communication (Belgium) and Human Geography (UK) and is currently working towards a BSc (Hons) in Geosciences (UK). Latest article: Gazprom stands firm on Ukraine gas sales

Rachel Johnson 1 articles

Rachel is a journalist specialising in energy, environment and business. For the past two years she has worked in the renewable energy industry as a news journalist and communications officer. Latest article: Energy Storage: enabling a shift away from baseload generation