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Accounting for carbon capture and storage

A new report, “Greenhouse Gas Accounting Framework for Carbon Capture and Storage Projects,” recently released by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), provides the first-ever comprehensive framework for calculating CO2 emission reductions from carbon capture and storage (CCS). Developed with input from CCS experts in industry, universities and the environmental community, it includes detailed methodologies to calculate emission reductions at each state of the CCS process – capture, transport, and injection and storage.

The framework equips policymakers and project developers with common methodologies for quantifying the emission impact of CCS projects.

“Ensuring reliable, affordable energy while reducing carbon emissions is a critical challenge, and in the years ahead, carbon capture and storage will likely be an essential part of the solution,” said C2ES President Eileen Claussen.

“This report provides an important technical foundation for crafting policies to put this technology to work to meet our energy, climate and economic objectives.”

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